The Columbia School of Social Work (CSSW) has been pioneering social work practices and educating social workers for over a century. The School joins rigorous, evidence-based academic theory with real-world practice. Our multidisciplinary faculty are known for their intellectual creativity and leadership in research, education and field work. Our community is committed to lifelong learning that aims to:

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    We believe that the best professional education expands your thinking and strengthens your practice. Our workshops are social by design, aimed at helping you grow your professional network while learning about contemporary issues of the profession.


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    Two to Tango: Deepening Skills and Practice in Working with Couples

    May 19, 2017
    9am - 5pm
    6.5 contact hours are available for NYS, NJ and CT Licensed Social Workers

    Participants will learn how to conceptualize the couple as system, paying close attention to relational dynamics and patterns of interaction. Participants will learn interviewing skills as well as techniques that help couples improve communication, manage conflict, balance individual and relationship needs, and strengthen connection. The training will emphasize how social locators such as race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and culture exert an influence on a couple’s relationship and the worker-client relationship. The instructor will present the application of theory and practice skills by using experiential and role play exercises, case studies and participants’ case examples.


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    Demonstrate Your Impact: Introduction to Program Evaluation

    June 24, 2017
    9am - 5pm both days
    6.5 contact hours are available for NYS, NJ and CT Licensed Social Workers

    Increasingly, the funding community (private and government) is requiring more information about evaluation measures from their grantees. Incorporating evaluation into programs demonstrates impact and can optimize operations. Therefore, program evaluation is an indispensable skill for administration in nonprofit organizations.

    Workshop Description
    Through lecture, case studies, simulation and small group work, participants will become familiar with program evaluation, key terms involved, and different types of evaluations. They will learn how to create and interpret logic models to develop evaluation measures for their programs. Participants will work in small groups on logical models, which will then be reviewed.


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    Level 3: Working with Aspirational Goals in CGT

    Fri, May 19, 2017
    9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    3.0 contact hours available for licensed social workers in most states
    $150 single; $125 each for alumni


    In this half-day workshop, we will explore aspects of work with Aspirational goals, the main restoration-focused procedure in CGT. We will review the rationale and importance of this treatment component and discuss how it is used throughout the treatment. We will focus on optimizing implementation of the aspirational goals component and troubleshooting for common problems. Participants will be encouraged to explore new ways of being creative in Aspirational Goals work with their CG clients. Along with powerpoint presentations, role plays, group discussions, and experiential exercises will all be utilized to enhance participants’ learning.


    For all Complicated Grief workshops please contact Colleen Gribbin Bloom (ceg2160@columbia.edu)



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    Level 2: Complicated Grief

    June 8-9, 2017
    9am - 5pm both days
    13.0 contact hours available for licensed social workers in most states
    $600 single; $550 each for groups or alumni


    This two-day workshop will provide an in-depth presentation of strategies and core procedures used in Complicated Grief Treatment (CGT), the time-limited, targeted psychotherapy that has been tested and proven efficacious in three large NIMH-funded randomized controlled trials.


    The workshop will briefly review the theoretical underpinnings of CGT and provide an introduction to the structure of the 16-session treatment protocol. Primary focus will be on the core signature techniques of this treatment including pretreatment assessment, aspirational goals work, building support, situational revisiting, and imaginal exercises.


    For all Complicated Grief workshops please contact Colleen Gribbin Bloom (ceg2160@columbia.edu)



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    We would like to invite you to submit a proposal for teaching a continuing education workshop in 2016. Please contact us today for more information on becoming a presenter. swope@columbia.edu


    If you already have an MSW or PhD from Columbia School of Social Work, you are also eligible to enroll in regular courses and earn 22.5-45 contact hours for the New York State continuing education requirements.


    If you want to learn more about this option, visit the school's website or email swope@columbia.edu.


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